comments and reviews

I am so grateful that people have been enjoying my work for many years. These are just a few of the comments from previous exhibitions:

A delightful, calm and peaceful exhibition. Lovely colours and great artistry. Wonderful work, Lucina. I am taking your “Roses” to France.

N. Paxton

Thank you for welcoming into your beautiful artist’s home with all this powerful work.

U. Grenier

What a good show. So many different styles and thought processes.

F. Espenhahn

How lovely your drawings are! So full of heart! Each of them is telling a story. I love how playful they are. I love the small, joyful details. I love the message of hope shining brightly from your work. Connection of the outer world with the inner world. Thank you!

P. Kasparova

A visual feast and spiritually restful!

A. and J. Walker

Beauty, craft, imagination and inspiration!

B. Weisbrot

Such a range of styles, subjects and media! A wonderful dream-like quality.

L. White

So strong and sensitive at the same time.

B. and D. Boothby

I love all those amazing colours. Amazing! Thank you.

I. Kumar

Very unusual blend–all so different–lovely!


Such a magical quality to your paintings, Lucina! I love the exhibition.

E. Balen